My name is Anikka Van Eyl and I am a first-year dual degree student with a Masters of Social Work and Masters of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Michigan. In Social Work, my method is Community Organization in the practice area of Community and Social Systems, with a minor method of Social Policy and Evaluation. In Urban Planning, my concentration is Community and Economic Development with a focus in Environmental Planning and sustainability. I am enrolled in the course, Diversity and Social Justice, SW 504, at UofM and these are some of my thoughts pertaining to some our readings in our course. As time develops, I hope to add to this blog and give my thoughts on various issues affecting our world, particularly capitalism, and what we can do about it to change our world.

My blog name, The Just Human Experience, pertains to my desire for everyone to live humanely and justly. My work in everything I do is to allow each individual on this planet to have a just human experience. However, in this, by having a just human experience, I want to recognize that this earth has pre-existed all species, and our experience is just that, an experience. We need to care for the earth, as it dates all of us, and is more important than the human species.


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